The customer's service interface for storing customer information. It is created by the customer making a registration or ordering goods and establishing a customer account.


A form with the information that a customer needs to fill in to get a customer account. Each registration must be activated so that someone does not register for someone else.

By default, the customer activates the account by clicking on the activation link that was sent to him / her after registering by email.

If the administrator is only one allowed to activate the email, do not send the email activation link to the customer (delete the link from the system email that is intended for the registration). The administrator then checks that the account is active on the customer profile.


The customer logs in to his / her account using the login email (under which he / she registered) and the password (generated by the system) sent to him / her after registering with his / her email.

Forgotten password

UPgates, customer passwords only store in encoded form. It is never possible to decrypt and read it anymore. Therefore, if a customer forgets their password, they need to send a new password, log in beneath it, and change their password to what they usually use in their profile.

Customer account features

Current account status

The customer has an overview of the total turnover he has reached in the e-shop, the number of orders, the amount of customer discount, the number of loyalty points and unrated products.

Order history

Registered customers can view their orders in order history. They will receive information on the status of order execution, billing and delivery details, recapitulation of ordered goods, shipping and payments, tracking code of the shipment, download documents, and payment details in case of payment by transfer from an account.

Discussion posts

A concise list of your comments and responses to the discussions from the administrator.

Customer profile

Possibility to edit your user and login data.