Choose a domain name

Why a domain name is so important

A domain name is the first piece of a mosaic of marketing pieces your customer sees. If you've ever tried to come up with an original business name and, in addition, to have a free domain for that name, you know that this can be an impossible task.

Tips in choosing a domain

Try to choose a name short and memorable.

One or two words are optimal. On average, the 100,000 best domains have no longer than 9 characters.

Be unique

When choosing a domain name, be careful not to choose a name too similar to your competition. It may also happen that a customer accidentally visits your competitors and not you.

Register the country ending

You should always have your main domain with the country ending, such as .com for the USA, .de for the Germany, and so on.

Domain selection tools

Domain name generator zde.

Domain registration

Here you will find a few of the largest domain registrars


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