Add, edit, and delete categories in the menu. The number of menu levels is unlimited. Categories can be deactivated in the menu entirely or just for a specific language mutation.

Editing categories

  • Changing the order of the categories in that subcategory.
  • Move to another subcategory.
  • Title other than the category name.
  • View / not show in menu (blind category but active after entering URL).
  • Expand subcategories on the main page (vertical menu only).
  • Expand subcategory always (vertical menu only).

Category type

It tells us what will appear after clicking on the category.

  • Page (displays page content such as contacts, us, etc.).
  • Product Page (displays the content of the product page and its functionality).
  • Link to main page (main page appears).
  • External link (any URL you set will be displayed).
  • Link to another category (another category is displayed in any menu).
  • Link to news.
  • Link to a separate page.

Sales Department

Only the current divison of the left menu can be displayed. That means separating the individual department stores in the left menu with the possibility of creating a signpost located in the upper menu. Suitable for shops with extensive category structure (department stores).