Brick and Click

Although it is not a well-known concept, we probably all know its principles. This is a business model, where the company operates an e-shop and a brick-and-mortar store. The popularity of the Brick and click system is growing, especially with originally stone chains and large e-shops.

What is brick and click

Large players in particular benefit from the advantages of the brick and click system. They can offer their customers a combination of an online store and a stone shop. A typical case is a situation where the customer orders the product on the Internet and in a few minutes can pick it up in the store, or even try and finally buy another variant of the product.

But brick and click is definitely not limited to large strings. On the contrary, a small local business can also benefit from it. We can imagine, for example, a small bakery, where you can order or book pastries via the internet in the morning or pick them up during the day.

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