What is the process of working with each of the administration modules? We will show you on the detail of the product, because it contains the most different settings and best understand the functionality. In the top bar, click Products and then the list of products subcategory. Choose one of the products in the table and click on the pencil icon on the right.

You will see a product detail page.

At the top of the page is breadcrumbs navigation. It contains the path to the module you are currently in and the name of the product. Use the link to click back to the product list.


For improved clarity, the modules module is divided into sub-modules that are displayed in tabs. When you hover over the bookmark, the pull-out menu opens with a selection of sections found in the sub-module.

Tabs and their sections can also be displayed using the round bottom right button.


The form in which you write the information is usually divided into smaller sections containing functions of a similar nature for clarity. Clicking on the name opens or closes the section.

Function buttons

Once you've filled out all the necessary information, you can save the page. On the right side of the screen, you have a selection of function keys.

Some buttons may have scroll buttons. Save has ... and new (after saving you can immediately start a new product) and ... and back (after saving you will go back to the list of products).

The View button will show the currently edited product detail in the new e-shop web section in the new browser window. You can also use the plunged buttons to select the language of the page displayed. The button appears only after the first form has been saved.

The action contains the Delete feature (deletes the product from the database) and duplicates (makes a copy of the product).

Back means returning to the product list.

In each module, the function keys can be listed differently.

Quick create

If you want to create a new item, you do not have to click through to its module. You can do it right in the top bar. You save one extra click ;-)

Add an item to a selection field

For many functions, you select values from the selection field (for example, product availability). So you do not have to write repeating values manually. If you need to add a new value to the selection, click + new. A window opens with a form for entering a new value. Once saved, the value is automatically added to the selection.

Go to the Settings option directly to a module where you can not only add but also manage the values.