Administration part

You manage your e-shop in the administration - you fill out products, graphics, process orders, settings, etc. This part is hidden to the customer, it is only for the users of the administration.

Adress coud be e.g.:

Web part

Visible to the customer on the frontend -  you can check it with the eye icon in the top bar from the administration section.

Web part could be double type:

Test version - running project on Customers will not get to the test version unless you send them a URL. The content of the search engine is not indexed. In this version, the graphics are edited and then switched into production version. 

Production version - paid version on your own domain. Customers are allowed to shop, browsing, etc. Content is indexed to the search engines.

The changes made within the administration are displayed on the e-shop immediately, both in the test version and in the production version. For full-text search only, the content is indexed once per hour. Data import and export are also performed at certain time intervals.