In the online store administration you will find the banner section below

Content / Banners

Here you can edit existing banners or create new ones.

Banners with Cover function

With the Cover banner, the embedded image file only serves as a background / wallpaper text that you simply enter in the administration. If you check Cover for the banner, the image will be cropped, not reduced . Text entered in administration will adapt to the device and will appear legibly.

Guide: Banner - Cover function

Banner production

You can make graphics yourself without having to control the graphics editor. Download free photos from fotobanky Pexels and complete the text content in the administration.

Optimize and upload an image for Cover

Image files for Cover banner can have an unlimited size. However, in the file manager, you need to upload them to the Graphics folder, where the images are not compressed or reduced.

Přidání obrázku pro Cover

However, if you don't want images to take up too much space, you can use online compressors of various photo formats. The online compressor of the most common image file format (.png) can be found at

Banners without Cover

Check box Cover is not checked in the edit tab of a particular banner. In this case, you need to upload images in exactly specified sizes. You can download them in the information window in the Images tab.

While such a picture is responsive, it is scaled proportionally for a display other than a desktop. And this includes, for example, fixed text, which is often part of a banner image. This text diminishes proportionally with the image in a mobile or tablet view and becomes unreadable.

Guide: Banners - structure, appearance and administration

Image optimization for banners without Cover

If you want to use a banner without Cover in your online store, you need to follow the dimensional requirements in the downloadable template. You can also order the banner from us.

Rozměry bannerů