Stock and Availability

After each order, stock inventory levels are recalculated. If the order is canceled, inventory levels are recalculated by returning the goods back to the warehouse. The low level of stock will alert you. You enter the inventory limit in the administration.

Stock inventory by variants

You do not need to modify the stock status of the master product for each variation in inventory status. The system recalculates it for you.


The availability of a product or variant can be set up in two ways.

  1. Manual - Choose a specific availability from your options.
  2. Automatic - Availability based on inventory status. Any change in the stock quantity or variant will automatically update availability.

Availability settings

  • storage limit (from what quantity of products in stock will automatically make the availability settings),
  • maximum expedition time (the data required by some item graders),
  • delivery time (total number of days from receipt of the order to delivery to the customer),
  • availability note (comment or explanation).

Order limitation

In case the product or variant is not available or the stock is not in the required state, the button for inserting into the basket is deactivated.