System update version 22.1

New features

Restrict e-shop access

A new option to restrict access to the e-shop has been added. Before entering the e-shop, a window will appear in which the customer of their choice will either be given the opportunity to enter the website or will be redirected to the page This address, as well as window button descriptions, can be edited in translations. The window can be used, for example, for e-shops selling products sold from the age of 18, etc.

You can set up this feature by following the instructions here.

View the number of available pieces of product in stock to the customer

In addition to the normal display of the stock status of the product (in stock, not in stock), it is now possible to show visitors a specific number of pieces of the product in stock. You can set it up here here 

Required product add-on

You can add a mandatory add-on to your product and purchase. This must always be paid together with the item to which it is assigned, thus increasing the total purchase price. This is used, for example, for products for which a returnable bottle is charged and the like. 


Option to disable Customer Recently Visited Products

The Recently Visited Products module was newly added as part of the Version 22 system update. It can be disabled through the Version 22.1 system update. Follow the instructions here .

Edit the contact menu in the e-shop header via categories

The contact menu has been newly added to all header types except 6. It is added and edited in the top menu categories. However, it is not possible to export it and at the same time it is not possible to import categories into it. Detailed instructions on how to work with it can be in the help .


  • Code editor - possibility to edit javascript only after deactivating the Designer module.
  • Banner template for download in PDF - to find out the dimensions of the banner according to the instructions you no longer have to work with the PSD file, but you can download them in PDF.
  • Banner - Inserting an image into a new or existing banner is no longer required.
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