Agency commission

Why should your agency work with UPgates?

15% commission for you! Of all, spend in your wallet for 12 months.

For bringing your client to UPgates, get a commission of 15% for a period of one year of the total spend in project wallet, starting with first charge. Payments are not counted for one-time individual adjustments made by UPgates developers. Payout commissions will be every three months based on your invoice. The condition is that your agency is listed as its technical manager throughout this period. Only an agency with " partner " status can earn commission. Contact us using the form below to get status.

Additional revenue from individual graphics edits

The system UPgates allows easy administration and customization of the online store according to customer requirements. This gives you the unique opportunity to sell your services to your client , such as optimal administration settings, graphical edits, SEO, emailing, marketing optimization and many more. You have access to code templates - HTML, CSS or JS! Your work will be quick and efficient.

Options of extended test version of e-shop

As a partner agency, you will have unlimited access to the trial version of the online store for testing, etc. In the role of technical project manager, you can request an extension of their test version for the projects.

How to become a Partner Agency?

Please fill in the input information we will verify and then we will contact you for further steps.