Partner agency registration

Why should your agency use the Upgates Partner Program?

15% commission for you! Of all spend in wallet for 12 months.

For bringing a new client to Upgates, you will receive a 15% commission for one year on the total spend in your e-shop wallet, starting first charge. Payments do not include one-off orders for individual adjustments made by Upgates developers.

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How does it work?

To claim commissions, the e-shop must have an agency token when it is set up. You can get it in the client section of the commission program after filling in the ID number. The calculation and registration of commissions takes place automatically.

1) You manually create an e-shop for the client via a link in the client section so that the agency token is pre-filled.

2) Send the client a URL link to create an e-shop with a pre-filled token for your agency.

3) Place a banner or backlink on your site to get the client to create an e-shop with your agency's pre-filled token.

You can request the payment of commissions in the client section after the commission amount exceeds CZK 500 and the period of 3 months has elapsed since the last payment.

Other benefits of partnership

Receive not only from individual graphics adjustments

The Upgates system enables simple administration, administration and customization of the e-shop according to the customer's requirements. This gives you a unique opportunity to sell services to your client , such as optimal administration settings, graphics, SEO, emailing, marketing optimizations, and more. You have access to graphic template code - HTML, CSS or JS! Your work will be fast and efficient.

You can offer activities that fall into the Marketplace portal offer categories.

Options for an extended trial version of the e-shop

As a partner agency, you will have unlimited access to the trial version of the e-shop for testing purposes, etc. For e-shops with your agency's token, you can then request an extension of the testing period.

Ad position preference

As a partner agency, you're automatically eligible to advertise on our Marketplace portal. We will not only recommend the offers of your services to clients. However, they will also be more visible in each category, which will increase the number of clients contacted and the chances of gaining their demand. At the same time, your ads will be marked with a "Partner Upgates" badge.

All subject to the "Backlink Exchange" condition.

Backlink Exchange

Partnering also includes a reciprocal link exchange. As a backlink, you can use an affiliate link (text, banner) with a pre-filled token of your agency.

How to become a partner agency?

Register for the affiliate program system and manage your commissions in its client section.

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