A/B testing

What is A/B testing

Estimating the current mood of customers is not always easy. Fortunately, there are methods that can make this easier. One of them is A / B testing. Basically, you divide your users, visitors, customers or subscribers into two groups in a 50/50 ratio and show each one something different. The principle of displaying the individual versions must be random. It can be, for example, design changes of the e-shop, newsletters or banner ads.

Based on this division, we will find out which group of customers the content or design worked better for. The data obtained by A / B testing then helps to increase the conversion rate, ie the number of customers who actually complete the order.

What to follow when AB testing?

There are several guidelines to follow before running A / B testing. First and foremost, the target audience must be large enough. For A / B testing, it is better to use specialized tools that have this function and work automatically after activation. This ensures that truly credible results are obtained. It's also important that both versions appear to the target audience at the same time.

The differences between the different versions of the design or content should not be too large or too slight. A similar principle applies to the length of the test. In the case of the newsletter, there is no need to solve anything. Here, at one point, two different emails are sent to its customers at random. For design changes or banner ads, it is ideal to let the AB test run for at least a week.