10 ways how to annoy online store customers

Online store creation, which won't annoy your customers and make them leave.

Revenue does not move and you do not know what can be wrong? Perhaps you just annoy potential online store customers. Come and see what it might be like and if you can not find your online store at some points.

1) Popup Window

They are the most annoing things that you can find on the internet. All the more when you are forcing them to a customer who should spend money on your online store. He does not want annoying pop-ups to stop him from shopping. Your online store should look serious, but you make it a dubious and uncomfortable place.

You could imagine pop-up windows as an effort to highlight something important (for example, discount actions). However, this will provide much better some banner or promotion of discounts on social networks. In addition, many people in the browser use blocking plug-ins that will not make your pop-ups visible. And that's good.

Pomalé načítání e-shopu

2) Slow loading

Visitors can discourage your online store even before they can see content . When creating an store you need to think of people with slower internet but also those who are on the mobile or tablet. Beware of use of large images (it is ideal to use images up to 100Kb). Dangers may be overuse of JavaScript, flash technology, iframe, or spreadsheets. Any movable element on a page may also slow browser rendering speed. To make your online store responsible for all devices, focus on Responsive Views .

You do not want to lose visitors and potential buyers before they will see your online store.

3) Poor navigation and broken links

What will a customer do when simply can not get to what he is looking for? He will go to the competition where he can purchases faster and more comfortably. Why? Because you are telling him that if you do not care about your own online store, you will not even worry about him. Beware of grammar errors which do not look professional. But they do not have any effect on functionality, so it will be easily forgiven by customers.

Naštvaný zákazník

4) Problem with ordering, picking and paying in advance

Is there a problem with the shopping cart, the order form or the bad currency appears? Then do not expect to sell. The customer can also be annoyed by a form that does not alert him to inscribe the required information. Or the order is sent with an incomplete form, and that's just a problem!

When the images on your products are not displayed correctly, how should one choose? All the same with missing images for color and other variants. If you do not allow customers to order without registration , you can also easily lost them.

At the same time, it is not wise to have just a prepayment . Sending cash on delivery packages may seem risky to you. But if you do not offer it, you will scare customers who have had a bad experience in the past with payment.

5) Storing warehouse status and delivery of goods

Do you think that there is nothing more clever than hiding stock of goods? But how will customer respond when he realizes that half of the cart is not currently in stock just before sending order? The answer is clear.

Delivery times and transport options should be displayed directly in detail of the goods. As a result, the customer simply finds transport costs . Prevent this from getting frightened and gone when completing your order.

6) Action or Discount Codes disables

Surveys have long shown that not only Czechs buy excitement in discounts . Not for nothing, the Black Friday event has greatly increased the growth of online sales. In general, more than half of Czechs are buying in discounts. You probably guess how important it is to be a part of discount coupons or loyalty programs. But if you steal these benefits from your customer he will be very unhappy. Well, when he can buy anywhere else, he has no reason to wait for you.

7) Different prices at the online store and in the store

The price at the online store may be logically lower than in the store. For online store rental you pay much less than for a store. But you have to count on the fact that a lot of customers are using online store as a catalog. When they they have store at near disposal, often go there to view or try selected items personally.

What if you find you have more expensive items in the store than online? He won't buy it and you will have something to explain. In addition, it is quite possible that they will never buy anything from you.

8) Incorrect contact and communication

Do not have contact information in the online store? Responding to customers on their queries are additional duties, but it will certainly add to your credibility. Just try to remember how many times you wanted to ask something before buying. Ideal is phone contact. You can quickly explain everything on the phone and the communication is more personal. Alternatively, you can use email support or a contact form for each product.

The trend is to have an online chat at the online store. But be careful not to force customers to chat. It can then have the same effect as an annoying pop-up window. However, the chat is pretty much time consuming for administration.

9) Missing Search

We all know that. A huge online store in which we are lost and we can not find anything. The bigger the online store, the more it pays to have a searching console. By enabling customers Filter by Product Parameters next to your search, you will multiply the success of your search. If you sell phones, for example, offer the customer a way to find exactly what they are looking for, such as price, brand, color, and other parameters.

10) No online store at all

Now you know how do you upset your online customers. But what is the worst? Do not have an store at all! E-commerce revenue increases not only in the Czech republic but also in the surrounding countries. Internet sales still have huge room for growth. Would not it be a shame not to be part of this?

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