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Who is it for?

From the first order to millions

The establishment, management and creation of online shop is very easy in UPgates. At the beginning you will especially appreciate the simplicity and intuitive operation. As your online shop grows, you will appreciate the advanced features and high degree of adjustability.

Whether you choose a tariff plan, you'll always get all the features of UPgates. We have even included what elsewhere you would have to pay extra.

Of course there is a nonstop reliable technical support. You have disposal own developer for dealing with individual settings of your project.

I need to go to a better solution

Is your business rolled so that your current solution does not satisfy you? Falls your online shop behind the competition? In UPgates will not happen. We are constantly adding new features and modules to the system. You have to be sure that your online shop will never get old.

UPgates is adjustable so that can solve most of your individual requirements. If you are used to wait a weeks for common modifications from your present developer or he simply tells you "It can not be...", with us you can be rest easy - almost everything can be set up or resolved in a few hours.

The transition to UPgates is very simple. If you do not feel it yet or do not have a time, we will do the transfer for you. Certainty is fast technical support.

More time and satisfied clients

Forget your worries with programming and maintenance applications, debugging HTML5, CSS3, webhosting management, manuals and other technical details. We look after everything, you can pay attention to what you enjoy most: work for your clients.

If you want the to build project from scratch yourself, you have access to the front-end part of the platform UPgates, where you can freely edit HTML, CSS and JS code .

Satisfaction of your clients is our priority. You can therefore rely on the reliability of the system, which is operated in a stable and secure cloud. Certainty is also fast technical support that is available day and night.


Look at following examples of, how would your new project might look like.

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No more buying modules! All variants include all modules. Differ from each other only to the extent of use UPgates. Variant is possible to change at any time.

€59 /month

All 104 modules
1 000 products
3 GB space
Export / Import data - more info
E-mailing - more info
Full technical support

4 hours of developer FREE
€79 /month

All 104 modules
10 000 products
5 GB space
Export / Import data - more info
E-mailing - more info
Full technical support

4 hours of developer FREE
$119 /month

All 104 modules
30 000 products
10 GB space
Export / Import data - more info
E-mailing - more info
Full technical support

4 hours of developer FREE

Without any liabilities free trial for 30 days!


UPgates is boxed solution that contains a series of configuration tools that you can use to customize your online shop. All this you can do yourself without having to pay expensive programmers.

It may happen that you do not find a suitable tool in UPgates for some specific graphic requirements. Then it is good to have HTML coder or another webdesigner. If he has at least average knowledge of HTML, CSS or JS language can make these adjustments in the web templates of project.

Use the tool designer in UPgates to create graphics in colors, layouts and themes as suit you best. Everything is quick, free and you can do it yourself without needing to know any programming language.

If you require more sophisticated changes, you have the module code editor where you can edit the source files of graphic templates.

It is possible to bulk import via XML or CSV file products, categories, customers, articles and URLs (for redirecting the original addresses). So if you are switching from an existing solution to UPgates, just to get the data in these commonly available formats and the transition will be smooth and without any loss of positions in search engines.

Whether you choose any price variant, it will always includes the complete range of UPgates functions. Variants will differ only in the maximum number of products and the capacity of the space. All covered by full technical support.

Possible to buy in addition to the monthly rent

  • Module for automatic data import and export.
  • Above limited use of emailing campaigns. 

For all pricing options is free technical and customer support.

In the administration of your project, you will find a form in which you enter your question or problem. Your message arrives responsible person who will solve the problem and after that replies to your email. In the event that you need clarification, we will contact you by phone or via Skype chat.

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